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Just a little update on our transition to Cook Children's. We know that everyone has been on long hold times, that is due to the fact that we have to register each patient, we have a lot of patients already registered but it seems that not everyone is registered. That process takes time. We also had some issues with the phones transferring due to the lines being moved from Spectrum to AT & T. That was not fun and we had lost time and it caused everyone to be frustrated-not an excuse but that is what happened.
We are working hard to make this transition smooth and we ask for your patience as we know it is frustrating- getting all this new technology is going to make things easier in the long run but we have some growing pains to work through.
Some interesting information:
Our phones are temporary being routed to a phone center at Cooks in Fort Worth, the people who are answering the phones are registering patients and making appointments but there are only a few people who are doing this- we are working on getting our staff up and running so we can take your call personally as we have in the past but it is going to take a bit as we are learning the new system - I do know 2 of my staff members answered calls today- so it is moving in the right direction- again we ask that you understand that we want to answer the calls ourselves as we want to give you the personalized service we have given over the years.
So that everyone knows- you can reach our office with our 2 numbers- 972-370-2425 and 945-204-7920

Thank you

Letter from the Doctors _____________________________________

Thank you for entrusting Pete and myself with your children’s healthcare needs here at Dr. Bill and Dr. Pete for the past 23 years.  Ihas been more than a pleasure to serve you and certainly a privilege that we do not take lightly.

With that being said, we are sending this letter to inform you that we are making changes to our practice and are joining the Cook Children’s Physician’s Network starting on January 16, 2023.  No, we are not retiring and no we are not changing anything about how we take care of your children.  Pete and I and the staff that you have come to know over the years will still be here every day, just as we are now.  As a matter of fact, the only big change that you might see when pulling into the parking lot will be the new sign above the door that says “Cook Children’s”.

On the inside and behind the scenes is where the changes take place.  We will still give you the great service and care that you are accustomed to.  That will not change.  What will change are things that we know will benefit you.  We will now be a part of a system that has been caring for children for over 100 years and will have access to all their resources and state of the art facilities.  We will have a new computer system that will have an electronic medical record system that will be a little different than the one we currently use.  This system will give you, the families, greater access to your children’s records through a patient portal, as well as the ability to schedule appointments on line. 

So please know that we are excited about our future as a member of the Cook Children’s family.  We look forward to continuing to serve your children and your family for many years to come.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call and ask, or inquire about things at your next visit!


Thank you!



Dr. Bill  & Dr. Pete                                             

Welcome to the office of William A. Paruolo, M.D., P.A.

 The home of Dr. William A. Paruolo “Dr. Bill” and Harry M. Stellman IV “Dr. Pete”

We would like to thank you for choosing us as your family pediatricians. Our office is located in Frisco, TX. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help you in any way we can. We offer wellness exams, immunizations and sick visits; we provide new parents a complimentary prenatal consultation on what to expect from us as your pediatrician. Both of our doctors have privileges at, Baylor Medical Center Frisco, Texas Health Resource Plano Presbyterian Hospital and now Medical City Frisco.  In order for us to see each patient in a timely and efficient manner we must have certain policies to help our office run smoothly. Please read our policies, they include our hours to see patients, insurance information, and how to obtain prescription refills. Please make yourself familiar with these so when you need assistance you will know where to call. 

NEW PATIENTS: Please print your registration form; after you have filled the form out you can either bring it to our office on the day of your appointment or email it to our office at:   All of our patients including our new patients need to be familiar with our Privacy Policy, This policy is mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). After you have read the information please sign our acknowledgment letter stating you understand our Privacy Policies. You can find the acknowledgement letter in our forms section. Please bring this form in on your first visit. We ask that all patients arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointment time to ensure that all information that is needed for your appointment, including insurance information, is updated. Please take the time to look around on our web site! We have some great links, biographies on our doctors and from time to time we will have updates from our office. With suggestions please feel free to email us at:

Your Child. Your Trust. Our Commitment