Back to School Greeting From Dr. Bill

Hello and greetings from my little closet in between the air conditioning units and the break room…otherwise known as my office!!  Hope all is going well!  When last we talked, we were in the midst of a pandemic with no good answers and nothing but a lot of questions.  And today…we are pretty much at the same standstill!!  UGGH!  Hopefully most of you with school age kiddos have meandered through “virtual” school and are now ready to either bite the bullet and send them back into the classroom, or continue on with virtual learning from the safety of your kitchen table!  Believe me, all of you have made the right decision.  There is no one way of doing things, and whichever you have chosen for YOUR child and YOUR family, then it is the RIGHT decision!!

As always, the best way to get over this, and perhaps we are just starting to see some improvement in numbers, is to not spread the virus.  That means the dreaded “social distancing” and wearing your facemask.  EVERYONE needs to do it.  Protect yourself, protect your kids, and protect grandma who we want to see again soon!  Remind the kiddos to put the facemask on and leave it on.  Practice it this weekend with not touching it, or adjusting it, or moving it below their nose to pick it.  It takes time and getting used to wearing these things all day, and it’s hard enough for those of us who do it more than most, let alone an elementary school student who we really wish didn’t have to do it.  Remind them to wash their hands and to use hand sanitizer often.  And remind them that when they get home from school, the first thing they should do is go and change out of their school clothes into play clothes and wash their hands…even before giving mom that big “I missed you all day” hug!

Things might get a little rough for the first few weeks of back in school learning.  We see this in normal falls when kids first go back to the classroom after summer…things are okay the first week or two, then the little viruses and bugs start moving their way through the classroom, and this year will likely be no exception.  We are expecting it and ready for it, but at the same time hoping that all the face masks and precautions the school districts are taking will keep it to a minimum. 

Finally, with all that being said…the FLU VACCINES ARE HERE!!  YAY!!  (Said no child ever).  We have both the shot and the nasal mist, so call and schedule your appointment sooner than later.  Let’s protect these kiddos as best we can when we can!!

That’s it for now.  Keep up the great work!!  I can tell by the never ending whir of the air conditioning units right next to my little hovel of an office that summer is still here and the temperatures are still crazy!  So, be safe…stay cool (if possible)…and be kind to one another!  As stated so eloquently by none other than Zac Efron in his mega hit vehicle High School Musical, “we’re all in this together!”. 

Okay, that last part was WAY too cheesy and just proves that I am old.  Sigh.