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The Vaccines are Coming


Well, it seems like we are finally starting to wake from this year and a half long nightmare!  Numbers are down across the US, and COVID, while not gone yet, is certainly getting better.  With that being said, Pete and I are happy to announce that we are getting the COVID vaccine in the office for our patients aged 12 years and older.

We really feel that this vaccine is safe and effective.  As a matter of fact, it is looking to be one of the most effective vaccines that we have ever had.  As far as being safe, it seems to be very safe.  It is so safe that my entire family has been vaccinated, including my own kiddos (and I like them!)

With all that being said, we would encourage you all to not only get vaccinated yourselves, but would also encourage you to have the kiddos vaccinated as well.  The vaccines should be arriving at our office in the next two weeks, but if you can find the vaccines for your child elsewhere (CVS, etc.) then go ahead and do it.  The way this vaccine has to be stored in the office; we are only able to order smaller batches of it than we can for our other vaccines.

Once the vaccines are secured in the office, we will open the schedule to getting you all in and, as our British brethren say, receiving your “jab”.  We will open it to entire families (parents, you too!) so the family can get done together.  Again, because of storage issues with the vaccine and timing of them, we will be offering them on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. 

So, keep watch here and we will send out blast email/text messages to let everyone know when you all can start signing up for the vaccine.

Also, one last reminder…even though those of us fully vaccinated can start relaxing the mask wearing when in public, that still does not apply to health care facilities (like our office) so we ask for the safety of the young children that we see that have not/cannot be vaccinated yet, please continue to wear a mask when in the office.  I know it’s a pain, but, as Whitney Houston once said…the children are our future…(and if you don’t know who Whitney Houston was, then you ARE one of the children…or maybe I’m just old…sigh…)

Dr. Bill