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Update to Dr Bill's Blog June Edition

Hello!  It has been three months now that we have lived in isolation and “sheltered at home” and good gravy when is this all going to end???!!  If you peek above the edge of your mask, I think you can see a little light at the end of the tunnel…it is pretty far down there, but it is there! 

Everyone is doing a great job of staying safe and starting to try to reach a state of “normalcy”, or a phrase which I can’t stand but seems to be appropriate…living in the “new norm”.  Uggh.  I just want the old norm back where I can go to the store without wearing a mask and not have to smell my own breath constantly!  (Seriously, why haven’t any of you ever offered me a piece of gum to politely encourage brushing after lunch??)

Life has changed, but despite all the negative things associated with the pandemic, there are some positives that have come out of it…and if anything, I am definitely a “glass half full” type of guy!  For example, having the kids at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week turned out to be a blessing.  We always have been a pretty “tight” family, enjoying the family dinner’s together around the table…but with a bunch of teenagers in the house, it typically was eat dinner, clean up, and then the scattering of kids up to their rooms to sequester themselves to their computer games or YouTube videos.  But with the pandemic, we started to enjoy more time together as a family…we started having movie nights together, sitting in the family room together rewatching all the Star Wars movies or watching movies that we had always wanted to but never seemed to find the time between kid activities to watch.  We have played more games than ever before!  Games that had us sit together around the table and required no batteries or TV hookups!  We interacted WITH each other, which lead to TALKING with one another.  These are things that, as restrictions and guidelines are loosened, I don’t want to see end!  And I know that despite my kids wanting to get back to seeing their friends and return to all their activities, deep down, they have enjoyed it, too.  So, look at the silver lining of all this and try to focus on the neat things that have come out of this…it’s not ALL bad.

And finally, just one more thought…the events of the past week cannot go without a word being spoken.  Many of your children have no doubt seen the television and had questions about what they are witnessing and hearing about.  “Social injustice” and “selective racism” may not have ever been in their vocabularies, but it is now.  And likely should be.  This is not a “political rant”.  This is a plea. 

Talk to your children. 

Please know that with everything that has been going on your kids will have questions about the events of not only this past week, but with everything they have been thrust into over the past few months.  You may be having trouble answering these, or perhaps realizing that maybe your child is having more trouble dealing with all of these events than you thought.  We are here to help.  We have resources available to help your child, all you have to do is call.  We have people that we can put you in touch with that can help.  Let us assist you…that’s what we are here for.  We are not only here to help with ear infections and runny noses!

Well, I have to go back to work…stay safe…be strong for your children…keep wearing those masks when in public and coming to the office…and now let me go find my mask and a breath mint…