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IS it Safe Yet? Dr Bill's Updated Blog

Is it safe to come out yet?

It’s like groundhog’s day, isn’t it?  Sadly, this is turning more into the Bill Murray movie as opposed to watching a goofy woodland creature announce that this long winter nightmare will soon be over!

Well, hang in there!  We all are feeling the same way!  We are all tired.  We are all bored.  We are all missing that camaraderie of being with others.  We are all forgetting what it’s like to not see the UPS delivery person carrying yet another Amazon package to our front door.  Well, perhaps there is some light starting to emerge from the end of the tunnel.

This weekend we are going to start seeing some relaxation of the safer at home orders that we have been living with.  I don’t know what this is going to bring…nobody does.  There is some evidence that if done safely, as in some other countries, that this can be a successful if not SLOW return to normalcy. 

However, let me please remind you of a few items…

COVID-19 is still here.  Just because we are starting to relax restrictions does not mean that there are no more cases.  As a matter of fact…there will continue to be more cases for a while.  No one is sure if this relaxation of things will continue the plateauing of new viral cases, or if this will open a bag of worms and all of the sudden our numbers shoot up. 

COVID-19 is an unknown.  We are learning more things about the infection every day…including new symptoms, new ways the virus infects us, new “remedies” that are being experimented with and studied.  We do not know what will happen next winter, next fall, heck…what will happen next week!  All we can do is be vigilant and keep watching/keep studying this and learning what we can to help us in the immediate and not so distant future.

To that end…as these restrictions are being relaxed by those in higher authoritative positions than I…let me please implore you all to be safe.  If you go out, continue to take the same precautions that you should be taking now.  Stay six feet (at least) from people.  Wear a mask…please.  This will help protect others should you be carrying the virus, and may offer some modicum of protection for yourself should others that you come in contact with have it.  Continue to carry hand sanitizer with you.  Continue to wash your hands…constantly.  If you take the kiddos out, have them wear a mask if possible when you are around others.  And above all…if you are sick…if you are with fever and have any other symptoms that have been discussed ad nauseum all over the place…STAY AT HOME.  I love y’all, but I don’t want to see your fevered up, runny nose, coughing all over the place self coming over to say “hi” to me while I’m waiting to check out with my package of Diet Dr. Pepper’s at Target!

So okay…that’s all for now!  Stay safe…be kind to one another and be patient with everyone in this new phase of Coronavirus.  Embrace the “new normal” as best you can!  And as always, should you need anything or have any questions, we are always just a phone call away!