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  • Life with Coronavirus... A few tips Updated Dr. Bill's Blog 4/17/20
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Life with Coronavirus... A few tips Updated Dr. Bill's Blog 4/17/20

Hello and this is just a quick word about life with Coronavirus.  To put it succinctly…it sucks! 

All of you are doing great trying to maintain self-isolation.  I know that it is getting harder and harder to entertain the kids and still try to work and continue on with this new normal.  Let me offer a few things:

  •  Your kids are watching and learning from you.  Try to stay positive.  Try not to bemoan everything.  This is hard for you, for them, for your neighbors, for all of us.  Taking a negative attitude and constantly espousing that at home rubs off on them, so try your best to maintain an upbeat attitude.
  • Your kids are watching and learning from you.    They are learning how to deal with stressful things and new, novel ideas.  Show them how to handle it by your actions.  Teach them how to deal with stressful situations.
  • Your kids are watching and learning from you.  They want to be included in things and now that they are with you all day they want to do things with you and be an active part of your life.  Show them that they are important.  Try to cut some time from the day to sit and play with them, or do an activity with them.  If they are older, see if they want to play a game with you, or sit and watch something on TV with you.  Just like you, kids thrive on social interaction, and for better or worse, YOU are that for them now.  Provide it with a smile.  Who knows, we may all come out of this with the silver lining of really getting to know and ENJOY our kiddos a little better than before.
  • Finally…YOUR KIDS ARE WATCHING AND LEARNING FROM YOU!  Be the model that they need.  Be the security that they want.  Explain why it’s important to wear the mask because we have to go to the store to buy groceries.  Explain why we can’t see our friends today in order to keep us safe and healthy.  Show them how to be a leader in this.  Be an example of how to live during these really odd/different times.

Y’all are doing great and I’m sure this is beyond tiring.  We all are wondering when this will be “back to normal”.  We all are concerned about our health and our children’s health.  We all are concerned about the economy and more close to home, our own personal finances and how we are going to make it.  Just remember, we ARE all in this together.  Truly.  A community.  Sure…a community that is certainly being tested right now…but a community in the purest sense of the word.  Be there for your family and for one another!

And if any of you know how to cut hair…HELP!  My wife has ordered the clippers from Amazon and been watching videos on You Tube all week!!