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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody!!  Welcome to another week of safer at home and another week of life with coronavirus!

I sincerely hope that everyone has a great Easter weekend.  Here at the office we will be closed for Good Friday so that the staff can spend (even more) time with their families for the Easter holiday.  My hope is that all of you count your blessings that you are healthy and safe, and that, while they may be trying at times, your family is the biggest blessing in your life and that you take time to reflect on it and say it!

The past week has brought even higher numbers to the COVID totals, especially here in the US. Please note that there have been recommendation changes, and it is now being thought a good idea to wear a mask if you have to be in public.  This does not mean you need to wear a mask while taking a walk in your neighborhood; that is still just moving to the other side of the street if someone looks as if they are coming straight at you.  This simply is to protect people that have to run to the store and might not be able to avoid someone standing closer than the six to eight foot perimeter that we are suggested to maintain from one another.  A mask is something that experts are saying might not be a bad idea.  The thought behind this is not necessarily to protect yourself from someone else, but it is from you (or the guy next to you picking out his apples in the produce section) from spreading the virus EVEN IF YOU DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE IT.  It is really to protect others, and if everybody wears their mask, they are, in the end, protecting YOU.  So if you have one, wear a mask if you need to be in a public space.  If you don’t have a medical mask, then a homemade one (you know you’ve seen the instructions on Instagram!) or even just a bandana worn “old Western bandit style” is better than nothing.  First protection is to not go out at all, but if you must, then please try to wear a mask.  And of course, WASH YOUR HANDS!!

So keep up the good work!  Hopefully the elusive “flattening of the curve” will happen in the next two weeks.  Until then, and as always, we are here for you whenever y’all need.  Just a phone call away!

So Happy Easter!  And if the Easter Bunny happens to mistakenly drop off some Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs to your house, I will GLADLY take them off your hands and make sure they are disposed of properly!