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Another week of isolation…when will this end????

Okay, we have now entered another week of social distancing and “safe at home”.  My “pandemic hair” is now on the verge of looking ridiculous and I am actively watching you tube videos learning how to cut my own hair (although those of you who have ever seen me may wonder if I have not been doing this all along!!)

Things have not changed since last visit, and perhaps things with the coronavirus are getting a little worse.  The numbers in the US are growing exponentially, and here in our neck of the woods they keep going up and up. 

Let me implore you once again to maintain social distancing and to stay at home if you absolutely do not need to get out.  Let me also remind you that this is a virus.  It does not respond to antibiotics.  It does not respond to really anything!  Things that you read about in the headlines such as UV light and mega doses of Vitamin C are things that doctors are trying on the sickest of the sick in any effort to stem the inevitable outcome of these poor patients.  These “treatments” are not proven, and the only thing we have, as our leader Dr. Fauci states, is to remain isolated and just not pass the virus on to one another.  So again, I know that there is not as of this writing a state-wide safer at home order, but this is the smart and the RIGHT thing to do!

Here at the office we are still seeing just well visits in the mornings, particularly those that are in need of vaccines.  It is still important to try to keep up with our vaccine schedule and well visits during this time, thus we have implemented the “only well children checkups” in the morning at the office.  No sick children (even “allergy” kiddos) are allowed to come to office before noon.

In the afternoons, we have reserved this time for the sick patients.  We are doing both “in person” sick visits as well as “telemedicine” visits, so when you call be sure to ask if this might not be alright to try with your child.  If you come to the office for a visit, we are scheduling each patient with plenty of time in between each of them to ensure no contact amongst the patients while coming to the office.

Finally, for all those having to be seen in the office, just call our number (972.370.2425) when you arrive in the parking lot and sit tight until we call you or come to the lot to get your for your appointment.  This will save anyone from having to sit in the waiting room at all.

So, that’s it for now!   Thank you for continuing to do what you are supposed to!  Thank you for being patient with us as we try to help everyone as best we can!  Now, go back to Netflix and catch the next episode of Tiger King!

**   This picture was taken in Dr. Bill's new log cabin room- it is his favorite room!!