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The Dr. Pete Edition

Time for a Doctor Pete edition of our modest little attempt at blogging, titled “Fun With Mandatory Stay At Home Restrictions”. Or maybe “Pandemic Living Hasn’t Made My Kids Get Along Any More Than Usual.” Or “Do not teach children not to touch their faces with hot sauce.”

Or more seriously: “Are there some actual helpful tips to cope with all this as a family stuck at home?” If you are fortunate enough to be able to work from home during this time you may have realized the difficulty in being productive or having that serious business teleconference with kids around (especially cooped-up, bored, advanced-stage cabin fever kids). I have enough trouble hearing anything on our telemedicine calls with any loud talk nearby (talking to you, Doctor Bill). Having to do any such work/business/grown-up-stuff at home with these unavoidable distractions is less than ideal. Additionally, trying to encourage an environment where kids can continue school work, maintain some social interactions with friends, get some exercise or outdoor activity, all while not stressing over-much about a constant onslaught of dire doom-and-gloom news….Well, it is daunting as a parent to even think about juggling all this.

Thankfully there is some advice to be found online:

Undoubtedly there are many other references that could be of benefit--feel free to tell me of better sources next time we have a visit. The HealthyChildren one is my favorite summary, giving easy-to-read advice. I got a little self-conscious at first when I started reading the section “Should I worry about extra screen time right now?” since I really thought it was talking about me (until reading all the school stuff). Anyone else gotten a bit more game time in?

The telemedicine experiment continues...Doctor Bill and I have both done several now and have learned more about how best to utilize this option. Virtual visits like these are not ideal for all medical concerns or types of visits, of course, but if we are going to conduct one it will likely go as follows. Our office will schedule your child for a telemedicine visit and ask that you have the child there for the visit. Just prior to the actual virtual visit time, our medical assistant will call for a “check in” similar to when you are being checked in at the office visit--asking the symptoms or reason for visit, etc. Have a weight and temperature if you are able. You will be provided either a text message or email “link” to our virtual waiting room so that you are connected and ready when we can connect with you. We will be doing our best to time this for minimum wait as we are trying to arrange these virtual visits while still seeing patients in the office.

We are still trying our best to get used to telemedicine visits, so please be patient while we deal with the growing pains. If this goes well we may have a great new option for future visits after all this pandemic stuff calms down. I am still trying to decide what to call these visits….I think “Tele-Bill” and “Tele-Pete”™ visits is OK, but “Stell-a-Medicine” has a better ring, right? (™). Doctor Pete out.