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Week Two of COVID 19

Hello and welcome to week two of what is now a pandemic! UGGH!! If you are like me, if one more of my kids comes up to me complaining that they are “bored”, or one more person uses the term “social distancing” or “flattening the curve” I may scream, cry, or both! (And please, no more toilet paper memes…please??!!) Here at the office we have started the procedures that were discussed last week.

1. Well child/sports physicals/med checks will be made in the mornings.

2. Sick visits will be made in the afternoons. We will try not to mix sick and well visits in the office at all despite the separate areas in the waiting room.

3. If the patient calls with symptoms that might be COVID-19, we are handling those calls over the phone in coordination with the local county health departments and hospitals.

4. If parents prefer to wait for their appointment time in their car, please just call the office when you get in the parking lot, let the staff know you are here. We will then call you by phone to alert you that the exam room is ready and to come on in where you will be escorted directly to the room.

5. Dr. Stellman and I have also started to do “TELEMEDICINE”. We will be able to do some sick visits over video chatting. This is not something that we like to do (as there is nothing better than seeing the child with our own two eyes and be able to lay a stethoscope on a chest or place an otoscope in an ear…plus we both are ugly enough in person, let alone how we must look over a video camera!). For some visits this still may just not be a possibility as sometimes we really do need to examine you and really see what’s going on--but for those who would prefer not to come to the office during this time, ask to see if this type of visit is a possibility.

6. Finally, please do not be offended by the masks and gloves that you see the staff (and doctor’s) occasionally wearing! If you are coming for a sick visit, you may even want to alert your child that the doctor and the medical assistant might be wearing one and that it is okay, that they are just trying to keep themselves and YOU from getting sick.

As always, thanks for being so patient during this time! We are working through all this, just as you are! If you have any questions, feel free to call! Good luck…wash your hands…stay home if possible!!