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Corona Virus- COVID-19

A brief message from Dr. Paruolo:

Hello and welcome to the world of Corona virus.  By now everyone is well aware of COVID-19 and the impact that it is having on everyone’s daily life.  Let me reassure you that we will make it through this.  However, we do have to be safe and smart to get over this.  This is a virus.  There is no antibiotic that will “kill” this, and the only way to get over this pandemic is to prevent the spread of the virus.  That is why schools are out, sporting events are canceled, and everyone is suggesting that you avoid crowded areas and mass travel. 

So what can you do at home?

If you don’t have to go out, stay home!  Avoid malls and large areas of people. 

Wash your hands!!  Wash them every hour.   Use hand sanitizer if washing hands with soap is unavailable. 

DON’T HORDE MASKS AND HAND SANITIZER AND (FOR WHATEVER REASON) TOILET PAPER!!  We need the masks and gowns for offices and hospitals, which are really becoming in quite short supply.  Believe me, even yours truly cannot get masks for the office, and we are the “front line” in this issue.

Stay calm. 

So what are we doing here at the office?

We are working closely with Children’s Medical Center, with the CDC and with the health departments for Denton, Collin and Dallas Counties.  We have been in contact with all of the entities, have a working relationship with them and have developed protocol to help any of our patients that should feel like they may have come in contact with COVID-19, as well as helping to protect our patients that have not and want to remain that way.

We will in the coming week likely change the way we do things in the office and ask you to be patient with us for the next few weeks.  We are going to limit our morning appointments to well visits only, and later morning and afternoon appointments for sick visits only.  We are doing this to try to eliminate any possibility of coming in contact with any sick visits at our office, while you will still be able to keep up with your check ups and vaccines.  We have also developed protocol to try to keep anyone who suspects their child may have COVID-19 from either entering the office at all, or at the very least, coming at an appointed time at the end of the day when we have removed all other patients from the office.  This will allow us to take care of those suspected patients in a quarantined manner that will eliminate any contact with any other patients.  It will allow us to disinfect the office (which we do anyway) to allow us to see patients again the next morning. 

So what should you do if you suspect your child might have, or has been in contact with a patient with, COVID-19?

CALL THE OFFICE FIRST!!  DO NOT JUST BRING YOUR CHILD TO OFFICE AT ANY TIME!!  CALL US FIRST!!  We will talk you through the protocols of how to be seen and where to be seen if it is deemed that our office is not the right place.

Thank you for being patient with not just us, but with each other during this!  If everyone does their part then we will make it through this as quickly and painlessly as possible.   We are a community of people, not just individuals that need to be treated more special than any other person.  Be kind to one another, be smart about what you are doing, and thank you for working with us as we try to get back to “normal” as quickly as possible!

Bill Paruolo